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The Survivalist
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Survivalist is a place to learn and share about survival and everything needed to live and prosper in our modern, uncertain world. Post your stories, techniques, gear recommendations, evaluations, tricks of the trade, or just lurk and soak up as much info as you can. Experienced survivalists agree that knowledge is more important than equipment, and technique/skill is more important than book learning. However, when you combine the right gear with proper skill and know-how -- you have a winning combination. There's also a psychological component to survival that is often overlooked. The will to survive can be the greatest force of all.

All users posting in Cyrillic will be banned and their posts removed. This is an English language community. Все потребители вывешивая в Cyrillic будут запрещены и их столбы извлечутся. Это община английского языка.

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