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Emergency Coms

Figured today may be a good day to mention it, For those in the Survival Community who haven't been exposed to Amateur Radio, Next weekend (Saturday 2:00pm - Sunday 2:00pm) almost every ham club in the US will be transmitting (likely from a visible public location, like a local ball field or School or similar location) for the yearly Field Day. Many clubs may also be running whats called a GOTA station, Get-on-the-air... which would allow an unlicensed person to try out amateur radio with the assistance of a licensed ham at the station.
I don't post frequently but as some may know, I started on Jan 01 of this year with the intention of getting licensed, given the critical need to be able to communicate or gather information during a disaster or event... Studied in Jan and took the first two tests in late Feb (Technician and General) and today, passed the Amateur Extra exam. To be honest when first starting out, would have never believed that the hobby was going to be this fun... was looking at it from a purely practical need to get the gear and make sure things were working. Didn't take long at all to be bitten by the bug and in the first 1.5 months, logged 72 Countries on a 50 dollar piece of wire hung between two trees. 100% hooked at this point.
Back to field day... from what I've been told its a casual event where the goal is to have fun but also has two other very important aspects to it.. 1) Introduce the public to Amateur radio and 2) Demonstrate that a group of Amateur operators can setup at a location (often times with limited or ZERO services, grid power) and carry out extensive communications around the country and with the rest of the world. Sooooooo, if you haven't been exposed to this, I would encourage anyone with a survivalist trait to check the web for any local ham clubs in your area and visit their site next weekend. I'm sure that a local club would be very excited to have folks inquire and there's no better group to ask/demonstrate the capabilities. If you're a good study, I'm sure it can be done in way less than 6 months from not knowing anything about radio to the top of the class.
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