nehemiahgroup (nehemiahgroup) wrote in survivalist,

Enemies within our borders

Occupy Wall Street? Boston? LA? Were these people born stupid or did they have to practice to get like they are?
Led by communist front organizations such as Acorn, SEIU and other unions, these people are very clearly and succinctly calling for an armed, violent overthrow of the Government in order to set up a socilist/Marxist dictatorship. That is called TREASON.
They have openly declared that they are at war with our capitalist society and that they are enemies of our Constitutional Republic government.
Where is the self-proclaimed POTUS that vowed to defend the country against all enemies both foreign and domestic? Oh, wait - he is just as much of a traitor as the rest of them. He is not defending us - he is giving aid and comfort to a declared enemy.
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